Poetry & Art: 2014 Festival of Arts

In 2014, the Festival of Arts expanded to include a new literary publication entitled Poetry & Art: 2014 Festival of Arts.

Visual Art and Poetry submissions were made from the various Forsyth County High Schools and were adjudicated for inclusion. Future plans are to expand to include adult divisions as well as staged selected readings from submitted work.

The next Poetry & Art book is scheduled for publication in 2017.

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Click below for the winning images and poetry  from Poetry & Art: 2014 Festival of Arts (images and poetry are not related.)



“Mortem” by Alexis Walls, Lambert High School – Scratchboard


by Caroline Duckwork – North Forsyth High School

Someone has knocked over a watercolor tray,

And it spills across the sky,

Citrus and peach mingle together into the clouds

Over a light blue wash tainted with gold.

Violet begins to invade, secretly, silently,

Gently spreading the night like a poison,

Someone has painted my heart across the heavens.

photo 9

“Through the Glass” by Evelyn Newsome, Forsyth Central High School – Mixed Media


by Savannah Keith – North Forsyth High School

The sky was a lavender ribbon

Laced through the clouds

Like my first crushes’ hoodie strings and

My own violet promises and

Within the colors

there were stories that loved me

More than anything

And they held my hands, lightly,

Fearing that more than fragile trace

Would shatter my splintered nails

And painted palms

And already fragmented writsts

and leave us both there,

One abstract, one dust,

And gripping onto things that never really mattered –

Like cement air droplets

And Acid rain –

Was always written to be my one true talent

And that was the summer

I thought I fell in love

but really I just fell down the stairs

Too hard

And woke up

In January,


Ember 2

“Ember” by Abrianna DePuy, Forsyth Central High School – Pen/Ink

Sound of the Gun

by John Green, West Forsyth High School

Early in the morning, in a cold bus seat

Several teenagers prepare for a race

Some listen to music, or have something to eat

But all have fear on their face

Walking the course or sitting under the tent

Anxiety builds as time goes by

Some think of the hours training they’ve spent

All are nervous, emotions are high

Warm-up, stretch, spike up, pray

listen to give today’s plan

He tells us not to worry today

To remember all of the miles we ran

Standing on the line, shaking in fear

Knowing that pain will come on this run

The words of the starter, I barely hear

All has led up to the sound of the gun