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Green Legs and Pan

Green Legs and Pan by Gail Wegodsky – Grand Prize

Gail Wegodsky

Egrest on Eagan's Creek

Egrets on Eagan’s Creek by Lee Anne White – Best in Show Photography

Lee Anne White


Stoic by Kristina Laurendi Havens – Honorable Mention

Kristina Laurendi Havens


The Very Old Steps by Susan Kennedy – Honorable Mention & CFUMC Purchase Award.

Susan Kennedy


Trinidad by Felix Berroa – Honorable Mention

Felix Berroa

The Messengers

The Messengers by Dominique Chaponot – Honorable Mention

Dominique Chaponot

Phoenix in Flight -FULL

Phoenix in Flight by Lynn-Margaret Pace – Honorable Mention


Parked by Sandra Burm – Best in Show 2-Dimensional

Sandra Burm

battle of the darts frogs

Battle of the Dart Frogs by Daniel Stegos – Cumming FUMC Award

Daniel Stegos

Egret With Nest

Egret With Nest by Debra Kauffman Yaun – Honorable Mention

Debra Kauffman Yaun

One Artist To Another Trinity

One Artist to Another by Mike Brown – Honorable Mention

Mike Brown


Swirl by Phillip Winter – Honorable Mention & CFUMC Purchase Award

Phillip Winter


Desiree by Kinzey Branham – Honorable Mention

Kinzey Branham

Boxelder Hollow Vessel

Boxelder Hollow Vessel – by Larry Ruis – Honorable Mention

Black Walnut Ladderback Rocker

Black Walnut Ladderback Rocker by Dane Gamble – Best in Show 3-Dimensional

Green Legs and Pan

Green Legs and Pan by Gail Wegodsky – Audience Choice Award

Gail Wegodsky


Three Graces by Alea Hurst – Honorable Mention

Alea Hurst

Fun Room Folly

Fun Room Folly by Ann Thompson – Honorable Mention & CFUMC Purchase Award


Underneath by Rachel Watson – Honorable Mention

Rachel Watson


Ginger Jar by Dona Hodges – Honorable Mention


Kouros Revisited by Jane Jaskevich – Honorable Mention

Jane Jaskevich