Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when is the Festival of Arts held?

The 2018 Festival of Arts will be held April 15-29.

The Festival is an indoor festival arranged in a gallery setting as opposed to artists having to maintain and staff individual booths.

The Festival of Arts is held in the Spring each year, usually opening to the public the second Sunday after Easter.  The Festival runs for two weeks and is open daily to the public from Noon – 8 p.m.

All events take place at Cumming FUMC with the exception of the ‘mIfilm’ Student Film Festival which is usually held at the AMC 12 Theater at the Collection in Cumming.

Do I need tickets?

Almost all events hosted by the Festival of Arts are FREE and open to the public.  No tickets are required.  However, donations are greatly appreciated and are accepted at the door daily.

The one program that requires a ticket (available at the door) is the ‘mIfilm’ Student Film Festival – $5 General Admission.

Am I eligible to enter?

The Professional Visual Division show is for college age and older.  All persons in that age range are eligible to enter.  A separate, by invitation only, show for public school students is held simultaneously.

Please remember that Submission does not guarantee acceptance.

Are there cash awards?

Yes!  Cash awards given annual total $9500.  The awards are as follows:

Grand Prize – $2000

Best in Show 2D – $1000

Best in Show 3D – $1000

Best in Show Photography – $1000

Audience Choice – $500

Honorable Mention – 15 awards at $200 apiece.

How much does it cost and how many pieces may I enter?

Currently enrolled college students pay no entry fee.  All others pay a $35 non-refundable submission fee which is due with all submissions.  A maximum of four pieces can be submitted with the $35 fee.  Additional entries may be submitted at the rate of $35 for four pieces.  An additional entry form should be submitted for each set of pieces.

Although allowed as many four piece entries as they wish to submit, artists are encouraged to submit only one four piece entry per division: In other words, a maximum of four 2 Dimensional pieces, a maximum of four 3 Dimensional pieces, and a maximum number of four photographs.  Due to space limitations, the Festival rarely accepts more than two pieces from any individual artist in any one division.  Again, submission does not guarantee acceptance.

May I submit prints, giclees, work in progress, etc.?

Only original, completed pieces are accepted for submission and display. The few exceptions would be where prints are part of the art form such as print making, etching, etc. Sample images or images of works in progress are not accepted.

How do I submit my work?


To submit work, you should use the online entry form.   This is our preferred method of entry.  Simply fill out all the required information and you will be directed to the payment site at the end.  Remember submissions are not final until payment is made.

Only one digital image should be submitted for each two dimensional work and Photograph. A maximum of three digital images should be submitted for each three dimensional work. 

Please note that the sale price listed should be the final figure the patron will pay and should include all taxes and incidental charges. Cumming FUMC takes no commission on sold work.

Images should include the entire work, frame excluded.  Artwork that differs from the submitted image will not be accepted for display and will be disqualified.


How should I expect to be notified?

The Festival of Arts primarily uses paperless notification (e-mail.)

You will receive two notifications by e-mail:

  •      You will be notified when your submitted work and entry fee (if applicable) have been received in our offices.
  •      You will be notified which pieces, if any, have been accepted into the Festival of Arts by the stated date.

You should respond to each of these two emails with a reply message of “received.”  Should the information in the email be incorrect, you should also send corrected information in the reply.

You may check on the status of your submission at any time by emailing

How should I prepare my work for delivery?

All 2-D work must be framed appropriately and ready to hang with wire of appropriate strength. Wire should be attached with wood or metal frame hangers. The top of the wire should be below the top of the frame so as to cover the wire and hanger. Wire should not be attached to “Alligator Tooth” hangers that are standard on many pre-manufactured frames.

Pieces do not have to be framed in a traditional frame. “Gallery Wrap” and similar preparations are acceptable. The work must be ready to hang in any instance.

I'm a photographer. Should I prepare my work in a certain way?

Although not required, we strongly encourage photographers to adhere to a framing “standard.” Simple frames and neutral mattes tend to enhance the photographs. Ornate frames and colored mattes tend to detract from the photograph itself.

Is there any type of work that won't be considered?

Content of artwork must be appropriate for general audience viewing.  Full frontal nudes or controversial subjects will not be accepted.

We are unable to accept jewelry making at this point.

All forms of work are accepted for submission. However, please keep in mind that this is a fine art show. Work that would be considered of a different nature will not be accepted.

Is my work safe at the church?

All artwork will be insured for its stated value from the day of delivery until the retrieval date. The church cannot assume responsibility for artwork left beyond the stated retrieval date. The Festival of Arts will assume responsibility for repairing or replacing pieces damaged while in our care.

Artwork left more than two weeks past the retrieval date will be considered donated and become part of the Cumming FUMC permanent collection.

If I'm not accepted, do I get my money back?

It is important to understand that submission does not guarantee acceptance.  It is possible that the adjudicators will not accept submitted work.  In either case the entry fee is non-refundable as it is an administrative fee.

It is also important to remember that selections are final and the adjudicators select work based on the total number and type of submissions.  That means an artist’s favorite piece may not be the one selected for inclusion.  If for some reason you have a piece that you particularly want to be considered over other pieces, it is suggested that you enter that piece and that piece alone for consideration.