'mIfilm' Student Film Festival

Entries for the 2018 Festival of Arts are now being accepted. Entry deadline is 4:30 p.m., Friday, March 30, 2018

How to Enter

Entering the mIfilm Student Film Festival is exceptionally easy.  Simply use the online entry form.  Here is information that you will need:

  • The mIfilm Student Film Festival is open to any high school student in or outside of Forsyth County.
  • There is no entry fee.
  • There are two categories for entry in the mIfilm Student Film Festival:
  • School – This category is for films on which more than 10 students were involved.  The cash award for the winning school entry is paid to the school’s media/film department or to the school’s film club.
  • Individual – This category is for films on which 10 or fewer students were involved.  There are three award levels for individual films: First, Second and Third Place.
  • An additional Audience Choice Award is given which may go to either a school or individual entry.
  • Entry submissions should be made using YouTube or Vimeo.  Films selected for inclusion in the ‘mIfilm’ Student Film Festival will need to be delivered on DVD, Blu-Ray or USB Drive (preferred) for showing at the Festival.
  • Please keep in mind that ‘mIfilm’ is a family friendly festival and all films should be appropriate for general audience viewing. Films featuring overt violence, sexuality, etc. may be disqualified.


The mIfilm Student Film Festival was created to feature young film makers’ work with a “big screen” experience.

Students from various high schools, create films that are adjudicated by professional and talented amateur film makers for inclusion in the ‘mIfilm’ festival.

Once selected for inclusion, the films are shown on the “big screen” at the AMC 12 Theater at the Collection in Cumming.

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Below you can enjoy past winners:

“Longboarding” by Jack Spessard – 2017 First Place Winner

“2015 Senior Legacy” – West Forsyth High School School Entry Winner 2016

“Messages From Home” by Jacob Chambers – 2016 First Place Winner  

“West Forsyth High School Lip Dub 2015” – School Entry Winner 2015

“The Art of Fire” by Sean Tackett – First Place Winner 2015 Please note that this video contains images intended for a mature audience and may not be suitable for young viewers.

“Sail” by Jillian Kibler and Natalie Pagenkopf – First Place Winner 2014

“Another Postcard” by Elliot Wallis – First Place Winner 2013

“Out of Tune” by Alyx White – Inaugural Winner 2012